MODA LISBOA ‘Oasis’ 22

Here’s a complete rundown of this year's edition of Moda Lisboa - Oasis.


This edition started with Sangue Novo (New Blood) a contest where new designers showcase their first collections.

We Are Models had 3 models debuting at Sangue Novo this season.


GABRIELA SANTOS made her debut walking for Maria do Carmo Studio, Niuka Oliveira and Darya Fesenko.

HELENA BARBOSA walked for Eduardo Moreira, Molly 98 and Inês Barreto.

CONSTANÇA CASTRO also debuted this season walking for Inês Barreto.

Also present at Sangue Novo were PRISCA BESSON, the first in line for Eduardo Moreira; and PEDRO ANGELINO and RACHIDE EMBALÓ, representing the designer Çal Pfungst.